“Let’s talk to the Country Manager of Equinor Korea” on TBN Ulsan Traffic Broadcasting Tuesday Invitation

Photo : Jacques Etienne Michel, Country Manager of Equinor Korea, talks with MC Choi Jin-koo about floating offshore wind in Ulsan on TBN's Ulsan Traffic Report Tuesday Invitation

  • Jacques Etienne Michel introduces floating offshore wind to Ulsan residents on TBN Ulsan Traffic Report

Whilst driving to work on Tuesday morning, 21 March, did anyone listen to TBN Ulsan Traffic Radio’s Tuesday Invitation? You may have heard an unfamiliar foreign voice behind the announcer’s words, and it was Jacques Etienne Michel, Country Manager of Equinor Korea.

Equinor is a Norwegian state-owned energy company that has been developing offshore energy for over 50 years. Not only is it the biggest supplier of natural gas in Europe, but it is also highly recognized in the global offshore wind industry for its technical and operational performance.

Currently, Equinor is working on a large-scale floating offshore wind project in the industrial capital city, Ulsan, South Korea, that has attracted the attention of the global offshore wind industry. The two projects, Firefly and Donghae1, will have a combined capacity of 1GW of wind turbines. Once completed, it will be the world’s largest floating offshore wind farm.

Once the offshore wind project is in full swing, it will have a significant positive impact on the local economy of Ulsan and make a significant contribution to Korea’s carbon neutrality. To share this project with the people of Ulsan, Jacques Etienne Michel, Country Manager of Equinor Korea, was on TBN Ulsan Traffic Broadcasting Tuesday as a guest.

The Country Manager of Equinor Korea introduces the Ulsan floating offshore wind project, which is essential for the South Korean industrial city to remain competitive in the carbon neutral era. Would you like to listen? Click below.

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